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Mere Abrams, LCSW

Mere Abrams (pronouns: they/them/theirs) identifies as trans nonbinary and works as a trans health social worker, gender consultant, and gender specialist with individuals, professionals, and organizations across United States. Mere's vision and voice bring a deeper understanding of gender to our world, educating  and supporting thousands of individuals across the multiple continents. Mere has worked with the University of San Francisco, California, Child and Adolescent Gender Center, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and Gender Spectrum, and many local organizations to develop programs and resources to support trans and non-binary people. Mere's perspective, writing and advocacy have been featured by Yahoo!, Gap Inc., CBS News, Seventeen Magazine, Healthline, Haaretz, OpenNotes,, The Anti-Defamation League, Frameline, The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Professionals and Parents Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Youth, and Who Are You?: A Kid's Guide to Gender Identity.

Born in the Midwest, Mere grew up in a conservative culture with strict rules about gender. Mere was assigned female at birth, but always had interests and an appearance that included both stereotypically masculine and feminine traits. Without any language or information to understand the complexities of gender identity, gender expression, and gender roles, Mere spent their childhood and early teenage years trying (and struggling) to fit into the female box. After meeting a transgender person for the first time and realizing that genitals do not determine gender, Mere gained a deeper understanding about the male and female aspects of who they are. During their process of exploration and education, Mere found little information and few resources about gender and how to navigate that part themself. Mere strives to fill this gap in knowledge and services by providing you with an accessible, safe online space to find community, seek guidance, and explore questions about self, gender and gender health.

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