Counseling involves learning about how individuals approach their life at all ages, both personally, and in relationships. This approach is used to help 1) clients improve their wellbeing, 2) learn to manage fear, stress, and worry, and/or 3) resolve crises, all with the overall goal of supporting clients to get to the place in life where they want to be.

Example Counseling Topics:

  • Finding congruence in one's gender identity, gender expression, and body.

  • Adjustments to a new school, career, and/or workplace

  • Decisions about school, career and/or work

  • Relationship difficulties, including marital and family issues

  • Stress management and coping with significant life events.

  • Personal/social adjustment

  • Identity development

  • Difficulties in personal and social relationships

  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns