I provide therapy, letters for hormones and surgery, consultation, mentoring, advocacy, education, case management, and coaching services in a safe and secure online space where clients can ask questions, seek guidance, and access support related to gender identity, gender health, gender-affirming interventions or navigating gender in some aspect of life.

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About Me

As a trans and non-binary identified social worker, my services are informed by personal experience, community knowledge and clinical best practices. I recognize the great benefit of speaking with someone who can offer personal and professional perspectives on a wide variety of topics related to gender identity, gender health, and navigating this aspect of self in relationships, environments and systems that do not always understand or acknowledge gender diversity.

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Gender is a deeply rooted part of each individual person and the many cultures that make up the world we live in. Gender identity, gender expression, gender roles, gender stereotypes, environment and body can all play a part in the way gender is understood, experienced and perceived.

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