My Philosophy


Online Gender Care Services address the challenges and obstacles many trans/transgender and non-binary individuals encounter when attempting to find resources and access support in their local communities. Professionals trained solely in mental health or medicine often lack the personal experience and community knowledge that are necessary to truly understand and navigate many gender-related questions and concerns. This can leave trans/transgender, non-binary, agender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning individuals (and their loved ones) feeling alone and lost in their effort to navigate, affirm and care for this central aspect of self.

I provide services that are tailored to support the specialized needs and shared experiences of trans/transgender, non-binary, agender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning individuals, customizing consultations to align with each client's specific goals and interests. While my training as a mental health professional informs my practice,  I am careful not to presume there is a history or presence of mental health issues. I am always conscious that trans/transgender and non-binary people have been historically and inappropriately treated as mentally ill. I understand the struggles many individuals face are not a result of mental illness, but a consequences of living in a community or world that is not accepting or understanding of their experience. I recognize that many people seeking support related to gender do not want or need ongoing psychotherapy focused on mental health.

Coming to understand and know one's gender is a natural and healthy part of each person's development. Some of us simply know the gender we are while others need time to discover it through exploration. Each person has a unique experience of their gender, which can involve a number of different elements such as internal identity, appearance (hair, clothing, accessories), body (parts, shape, size), behavior, and interests. While none of these things (on their own) define someone's gender, each is a puzzle piece that, when put together, reveals information about who someone knows themself to be and the types of support that may be helpful.

I strive to work in partnership with my clients to develop an authentic connection where exploration, education, and support can take place. By using a gender-affirmative approach, my services help clients deepen their understanding of gender and self, strengthen relationships, navigate systems and prepare for significant life events/decisions. My commitment to social justice is an important part of my work. I consider the ways that gender, sexuality, culture, race, ethnicity, ability, language, and socioeconomic status interact and impact each person’s experiences.