Introductory Consultations

free! — This 20-minute consultation is an opportunity to ask questions about my service offerings, background, and experience in order to determine if working together is a good match.

General Gender Consultations

General gender consultations assist individuals looking to discuss issues related to gender, gender identity, gender health, or gender dysphoria, with the goal of deepening understanding and developing strategies to support this aspect of self in any environment or situation (including school, family, career, and relationships). These consultations are often helpful for those in the initial stages of exploring gender or considering gender-affirming interventions such as hormones or surgery.

Letters for Hormones, Puberty blockers, and Gender Affirming Surgery

Current guidelines and models of care often require letters from licensed mental health professionals in order to access gender-affirming surgeries and have them covered by health insurance. In addition to the documentation that is needed for surgery, these sessions provide clients with first person testimonies, evidence-based research, and medical information about gender affirmation surgeries (such as top surgery and chest masculinization, chest feminization/augmentation, facial feminization, body contouring, and bottom surgery including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, orchiectomy, and penectomy. Referrals and recommendations to gender-affirming surgeons who are trained specifically in transgender medicine and surgery are also provided.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services include ongoing therapy, as well as other goal-oriented approaches and interventions that support psychological wellbeing and overall functioning.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching services are designed to offer direct support and guidance to adolescents, young adults and adults who are a looking for personal connection with other trans/transgender and non-binary identified individuals or a trans/transgender or non-binary role model.

Academic and Career Consultations

Academic and career consultations guide clients in finding and being welcomed into an academic and/or professional environment where they will thrive. Through a series of conversations about identity, personality, interests, passions, education experience, and professional goals, I help clients find the academic, social or professional environment that is a good fit and will support them in achieving their goals and dreams. Ways to navigate and advocate for gender inclusion in collegiate and professional settings are also commonly addressed in this type of consultation.

Gender Marker and/or Name Change Consultations

This service assists individuals looking to complete legal gender marker and/or name changes on identification documents. These consultations educate clients about the process required to change gender marker and/or name in their local state or on a federal level. Clients are provided with the requirements, legal forms, and a step by step guide for changing each identification document. These tools, along with online consultation, ensure clients feel supported and confident in each phase of the process. Discussions about the ways gender marker and name changes impact health insurance coverage, past/future transcripts, and other important records or documents can also be included.

Gender Health Consultations and Education Sessions

Gender health consultations and education sessions are designed to provide clients with the a place to ask questions and gain information about gender health (including medical and non-medical interventions), with the goal of making the most informed decisions possible. Non-medical gender health education includes information, discussions, and resources about ways to authentically express gender using clothing/hairstyle, binders, prosthetics, forms, tucking, as well as voice and communication therapies. Medical gender health education includes information, discussions, and resources about puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, surgery, family planning, and fertility preservation.

Recommendations always depend on a client’s specific needs and situation and should typically include the perspective of a medical provider. Other issues addressed in these consultations are the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) guidelines for medical care, informed consent, gathering a gender history, possible risk factors, and relevant medical and mental health information. Referrals and recommendations to gender-affirming medical providers who are trained specifically in transgender medicine and surgery are also provided.

Medical and Mental Health Case management

Medical case management services include patient advocacy, care coordination and facilitation, assistance with health insurance issues, and help finding gender-affirming providers and resources.

Gender inclusive Puberty and Sex Education Sessions

These sessions provide tweens and teens with quality, gender-affirming, inclusive information and resources about how to navigate their journey to adulthood, relationships, and sex. Topics commonly addressed in these sessions are puberty, gender identity, sexuality, consent, sexual health, safe sex practices, and tips for staying safe while dating.

School and Education Consultations

School and education consultations are for those who are searching for a solution to a critical education-related issue or are not sure how to approach an educational institution or school community about issues related to gender. As an educational consultant, my services are designed deepen understanding in the areas of concern and determine the best way to approach each unique situation and community.

Gender Support and Transition Planning Sessions

Gender support and transition planning sessions are used to outline and document the ways in which a person’s gender will be recognized and supported in a particular environment (school, sports, extracurricular activities, camps, professional organizations, and the workplace). Gender support and transition planning can involve multiple individuals who works collaboratively to create and implement an informed and thoughtful plan of realistic and sustainable support in a specific environment.

Trainings and Consultation for Schools and Businesses

variable price —The most effective way to create a more gender inclusive and sensitive world is to educate parents/caregivers, educators, academic leaders, medical and mental health professionals, social service agencies, and the general public on issues related to gender. 

I provide trainings and workshops that can be customized to meet your group’s learning goals and interests. For those seeking ore in-depth learning opportunities, I offer half day workshops, full day workshops, or a package of shorter trainings. Please contact me to discuss your areas of interest and timeline.