Coming to understand and know one's gender is a natural and healthy part of each person's development. This approach is a central part of my practice. I recognize that being transgender/trans, nonbinary, agender or gender expansive is not a mental illness and many people seeking support related to gender are not interested in traditional therapy. I aim to provide services that are tailored to the client's goals and interests. I recognize that trans people have been historically and inappropriately treated as mentally ill, and am careful not to presume there is a history or presence of mental health issues. I understand the struggles many transgender/trans, nonbinary, agender, or gender-expansive individuals face are a result of living in a community or world that is not accepting or understanding of their experience. 

I strive to work in partnership with my clients to develop an authentic connection where reflection, exploration, and support can take place. By using a gender-affirmative approach, my services help clients deepen their understanding of self, strengthen relationships, navigate systems and prepare for significant life events/decisions. My commitment to social justice is an important part of my practice. I consider the ways that gender, sexuality, culture, race, ethnicity, ability, language, and socioeconomic status interact and impact each person’s experiences. Please feel free to contact me at with inquiries or questions.

I look forward to learning more about how I can support you!

Mere Abrams, MSW, ASW, is a Gender Specialist, educator, consultant and advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mere received a master's degree in social work from Smith College School for Social Work and attended Pitzer College as a undergraduate student. Mere currently has a private practice in Oakland, California, where Mere provides counseling, consultation, coaching and advocacy to children, teens, and adults. In addition, Mere offers individual counseling, gender assessments, co-parenting counseling, and couples counseling related to parenting transgender/trans, nonbinary, agender and gender-expansive adults, children and teens. Mere's areas of emphasis and specialization include: gender identity exploration, partner/sibling support, parent consultation, educational advocacy, and working with transgender/trans, nonbinary and gender expansive children, teens, and adults.